Ghostbusters: Slime City disponibile per il download, ecco i dettagli

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Ghostbusters Slime City

Uno dei titoli più attesi dai possessori di un iPad è finalmente disponibile, visto che Ghostbusters: Slime City può essere scaricato senza andare incontro ad alcun costo in queste ore.

Vi riportiamo a questo punto le principali specifiche del titolo riprendendole direttamente dall’App Store:

  • Conduct some major ghostbusting by battling specters, demons and undead of all types!  Are you up to the challenge?

  • Team up with other Ghostbuster player squads in asynchronous co-op to take down the biggest threats in the city.

  • Own and upgrade your own Ghostbusters HQ by capturing and storing it with the most powerful ghosts.

  • Save the city! Start out at HQ, and work your way through the map of Manhattan, securing additional buildings as you progress.

  • Accept and complete jobs along the way to earn rewards like powerful and customizable equipment. The harder the jobs, the richer the rewards!

  • No point in being the best if you can’t brag about it. Get you and your Ghostbuster team to the top of the leaderboards and win awesome rewards!

  • Craft your own proton packs from hundreds of cool parts – there’s bazillions of different combinations!

  • Everyone likes stats! Customize your strengths and collect cool loot items that give you unique powers and abilities.

Chi intende procedere al download, può collegarsi direttamente a questa pagina.

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